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_2020 ______
  • Tree growth and macrofauna colonization in Technosols constructed from recycled urban wastes
    Pruvost, C, Mathieu J., Gigon A., Pando A., Nunan N. Lerch T., Blouin M.
    Ecological Engineering, in press

  • Global vulnerability of soil ecosystems to erosion
    Guerra, C, Rosa I, Valentini E. Wolf F. Filiponi F. Karger, D.N. Xuan A, Mathieu J., Lavelle, P., Eisenhauer, N.
    Landscape Ecology, in press
    DOI: 10.1007/s10980-020-00984-z
_2019 ______
  • Global distribution of earthworm diversity
    H. Philips, [...], Mathieu J., [...], Eisenhauer N.
    Science, 366 (6464) : 480-485
    DOI: 10.1126/science.aax4851

  • Toward an integrative understanding of soil biodiversity
    M. Thakur, [...], Mathieu J., [...], Cameron E.
    Biological Reviews

  • Global mismatches in aboveground and belowground biodiversity
    Cameron E., Martins I., Lavelle P., Mathieu J., Tedersoo L., Gottshall F., Guerra C., Hines J., Patoine G., Siebert J., Winter M., Cesarz S., Delgado-Baquerizo M., Ferlian O., Fierer N., Kreft H., T. Lovejoy, Montanarella L., Orgiazzi A., Pereira H., Phillips H., Settele J., Wall D., Eisenhauer N.
    Conservation Biology, 33: 1187-1192

  • Vermicompost significantly affects plant growth. A meta-analysis
    Blouin, M., Barrere J., Meyer N., Lartigue S., Barot, S. Mathieu, J.
    Agronomy for Sustainable Development 39: 34

  • High-resolution quantification of earthworm calcite granules from western European loess sequences reveals stadial-interstadial climatic variability during the Last Glacial
    Prud’homme C., Moine O., Mathieu J., Saulnier-Copard S., Antoine P.
    Boreas. 48(1) : 257-268
_2018 ______
  • Global gaps in soil biodiversity data
    Cameron E., Martins I., Lavelle P., Mathieu J., Tedersoo L., Gottshall F., Guerra C., Hines J., Patoine G., Siebert J., Winter M., Cesarz S., Delgado-Baquerizo M., Ferlian O., Fierer N., Kreft H., T. Lovejoy, Montanarella L., Orgiazzi A., Pereira H., Phillips H., Settele J., Wall D., Eisenhauer N.
    Nature Ecology and Evolution.  2: 1042–1043 link

  • Biodiversity loss along a gradient of deforestation in Amazonian agricultural landscapes
    Decaëns T., Martins M.B., Feijoo A., Oszwald J., Dolédec S., Mathieu J., de Sartre X.A. , Bonilla D., Brown G., Criollo Y.A.C, Dubs D., Furtado I.S., Gond V., Gordillo E., Le Clec’h S., Marichal M., Mitja D., Miranda de Souza I., Praxedes C., Rougerie R., Ruiz D.H., Otero J.T., Sanabria C., Velasquez A., Zararte L.E.M., Lavelle P.
    Conservation Biology. 32(6) : 1380-1391

  • EGrowth: a global database on intraspecific body growth variability in earthworm
    Mathieu J.
    Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 122: 71-80

  • A Study of soil–vegetation relationships on the Butte Montceau in Fontainebleau, France: Pedagogical exercise and training report.
    Terrigeol A., Indorf M.-F., Jouhanique T., Tanguy F., Hoareau D., Rahimian V., Agésilas-Lequeux K., Baues R., Noualhguet M., Cheraiet A., Miedziejewski A., Bazot S., Lata J.-C., Mathieu J., Hannot C., Dreuillaux J.-M., Zanella A.
    Applied Soil Ecology, 123:646-658

  • Methods for studying earthworm dispersal
    Mathieu J.,Caro, G., Dupont L.,
    Applied Soil Ecology, 123:339-344

  • A spatial evaluation of global wildfire-water risks to human and natural systems.
    Robinne F.-N., Bladon K.D., Miller C., Parisien M.-A., Mathieu J., Flannigan M.D.
    Science of the Total Environment, 610-611:1193-1206

_ 2017 ______

  • The impact of Last Glacial climate variability in west-European loess revealed by radiocarbon dating of fossil earthworm granules
    Moine O., Antoine P., Hatté C., Landais A., Mathieu J., Prud’homme C., Rousseau D.D.
    PNAS, 114, 6209-621

  • Landscape features impact connectivity between soil populations: a comparative study of gene flow in earthworm Dupont L. , Torres-Leguizamon M. , René-Corail P., Mathieu J.
    Molecular Ecology, 26, 3128-3140

  • Trace element concentrations along a gradient of urban pressure in forest and lawn soils of the Paris region(France) Foti L., Dubs F., Gignoux J., Lata J.C., Lerch T., Mathieu J., Nold F. , Nunan N., Raynaud X., Abbadie L., Barot S.
    Science of the Total Environment, 598, 938-948

  • How good are epigeic earthworms at dispersing? An investigation to compare epigeic to endogeic and anecic groups Chatelain M. & Mathieu J.
    Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 111, 115-123

  • Fate of 13C labelled root and shoot residues in soil and anecic earthworm casts: a mesocosm experiment. Vidal A., Quenea Q., Alexis M.A., Nguyen Tu T.T., Mathieu J., Vaury V., Derenne S.
    Geoderma, 2017, 285: 9-18

_ 2016 ______ _ 2015 ______

_ 2014 _____
_ 2013 ______
  • The dispersal of the earthworm Aporrectodea giardi responds faster to habitat quality than to cumulative use of habitat in experimental conditions.
    Caro G., Decaens T., Mathieu J.
    Applied Soil Ecology, 2013, 71: 45-47

  • Are dispersal behaviours of earthworms related to their functional group?
    Caro G., Decaens T., Lecarpenter C., Mathieu J.
    Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 2013, 58: 181-187

_ 2012 _______
  • Spatial organization of earthworm assemblages in pastures of northwestern France. Richard B.Legras, M. Margerie P., Mathieu J., Barot S., Caro G., Desjardins T., Dubs F., Dupont L., Decaëns T., European Journal of Soil Biology, 2012 53: 62-69

  • Is earthworms' dispersal facilitated by the ecosystem engineering activities of conspecifics? Caro G., Abourachid A., Decaëns T., Buono L., Mathieu J., Biology and Fertility of Soils, 2012 48: 961-965

  • Is invasion of deforested Amazonia by the earthworm Pontoscolex corethrurus driven by soil texture and chemical properties? Marichal R., Grimaldi M., Mathieu J., G. Brown G.G., Desjardins T., da Silva M.L., Praxedes C., Martins M.B., Velasquez E., Lavelle P., Pedobiologia, 2012 55 233-240

  • Isolation of polymorphic microsatellite markers in Aporrectodea icterica (Savigny 1826) Torres-Leguizamon M., Mathieu J., Livet A., Decaëns T., Dupont L. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 2012 51: 16-19

  •   Plant preference for ammonium versus nitrate: a neglected determinant of ecosystem functioning? Boudsocq S., Niboyet A., Lata J.-C., Raynaud X., Loeuille N., Mathieu J., Blouin M., Abbadie L., Barot S. American Naturalist,2012 80: 60-69

  • Plant homeostasis, growth and development in natural and artificial soils. Blouin, M. Mathieu J., Leadley P.W. Ecological Complexity 2012 9:10-15

  • Soil lipids from accelerated solvent extraction: influence of temperature and solvents on the extract molecular composition. Quenea, K. Mathieu J., Derenne S. Organic Geochemistry 2012 44 :45-52

_ 2011 ________
  • New insight into the genetic structure of the Allolobophora chlorotica aggregate in Europe using microsatellite and mitochondrial data. Dupont L., Lazrek F., Porco D., King R.A., Rougerie R., Symondson W.O.C., Livet A., Richard B., Decaëns T., Butt K.R., Mathieu J.. Pedobiologia 2011 54: 217-224

  • IBQS a synthetic index of soil quality based on soil macro-invertebrate communities Ruiz N., Mathieu J., Célini L., Rollard C., Hommay G., Iorio E., Lavelle P. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 2011 43 (10) :2032-2045

  • Earthworm and microbe response to litter and soils of tropical forest plantations with contrasted C:N:P stoichiometric ratios Marichal R., Mathieu J., Couteaux M.-M., Mora P., Roy J., Lavelle P. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 2011 43 (7): 1528-1535

_ 2010 ___________
  • Utilization of Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy (NIRS) to quantify the impact of earthworms' activity on soil and carbon erosion. Jouquet P., Henry-des-Tureaux T., Mathieu J., Doan Thu T., Tran Duc T., Orange D., Catena, 2010 81(2): 113-116

  • Earthworms accelerate soil porosity turnover under watering conditions. Bottinelli N., Henry-des-Tureaux T., Hallaire V., Benard, Y., Mathieu J., Duc Tranc T., Jouquet P., Geoderma, 2010 156(1-2): 43-47

  • Habitat quality, conspecific density, and habitat pre-use affect the dispersal behaviour of two earthworm species, Aporrectodea icterica and Dendrobaena veneta, in a mesocosm experiment. Mathieu J., Barot S., Blouin M, Caro G., Decaëns T.,Dubs F., Dupont L., Jouquet P., Nai P., Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 2010 42: 203-209

  •  Spatio-temporal distribution of the infestations of Coelaenomenodera lameensis Berti and Mariau (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) an oil palm tree (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) pest in Toumanguié (Côte d’Ivoire). Koua H., Mathieu J, Seri-Kouassi, P.B., Tano Y., Mora, P. Sciences & Nature, 2010 7(1): 1-10

  • Decreasing fallow duration in tropical slash-and-burn agriculture alters soil macro-invertebrate diversity: A case study in southern French Guiana. Rossi J.P., Celini L, Mora P., Mathieu J., Lapied E., Nahmani J., Ponge J.-F., Lavelle P., Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 2010 135 (1-2): 148-154

_ 2009 ___________
  • Effects of endogeic and anecic earthworms on the competition between four annual plants and their relative fecundity. Laossi K-R., Noguera D.C., Bartolomé-Lasa A., Mathieu J., Blouin M., Barot S., Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 2009 41: 1668-1673

  • Termite mounds and field bunds as biodiversity refugees in paddy fields in northeastern Thailand. Choosai C, Mathieu J., Jouquet P., Hanboonsong, Y., Environmental Conservation, 2009. 36: 71-79

  • Spatial patterns of grasses influence soil macrofauna biodiversity in Amazonian pastures. Mathieu J., Grimaldi M., Jouquet P., Rouland C., Lavelle P., Desjardins T., Rossi J.-P., Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 2009. 71: 586-593

  • A modeling approach to analyze the effects of nitrification inhibition on primary production. Boudsocq S., Lata J-C., Mathieu J., Abbadie L., Barot S., Functional ecology, 2009. 23 (1): 220-230

_ 2008 ___________
  • Above-ground earthworm casts affect water runoff and soil erosion in Northern Vietnam. Jouquet, P., P. Podwojewski, N. Bottineli, J. Mathieu, M. Ricoy Martinez, D. Orange, T. D. Tran, and C. Valentin. Catena, 2008. 74: 13-21

_ 2007 ___________
_ Before 2007 ______
  • Soil macrofaunal biodiversity in Amazonian pastures: matching sampling with patterns. Rossi J.-P, J. Mathieu and M. Grimaldi. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 2006. 38: 2178-2187

  • Molecular and serological evidence of Pneumocystis circulation in a social organization of healthy macaques (Macaca fascicularis). Demanche C., F. Wanert, M. Barthelemy, J. Mathieu, I. Durand-Joly, E. Dei-Cas, R. Chermette, et J. Guillot. Microbiology, 2005. 151: 3117-3125

  • Recovery of soil macrofauna communities after forest clearance in Eastern Amazonia, Brazil. Mathieu J., J-P. Rossi, P. Mora, P. Lavelle, C. Rouland, M. Grimaldi. Conservation Biology, 2005. 19 (5) :1598-1605

  • A multi-scale study of soil macrofauna biodiversity in Amazonian Pastures. Mathieu J., J-P Rossi, P. Mora, P. Lavelle M. Grimaldi, C. Rouland. Biology and Fertility of Soils. 2004, 40: 300 - 305

  • PhD Thesis (2004) Response of soil macrofauna communities to deforestation in Amazonia. Université Paris 6. Director : C. Rouland Lefèvre & J.P. Rossi

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