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  • What is EGrowth

    • EGrowth is a database on body growth curves of earthworm species across the globe.
    • It contains 1061 growth curves, representing 15888 measures of body mass and covers 51 species of earthworm.
    • The data were compiled from a variety of documents published between 1950 and 2017, such as scientific publications, PhD reports, and reports, with the aim to be as exhaustive as possible.
    • The curves come with metadata that contains information about the environmental conditions in which the curves were produced.
    • A growth curve is a series of measure of body weights on a same batch of individuals.
    • Growth curves are necessary for many purpose such as making population dynamics models, assessing the toxicity of products, managing populations, decision taking and designing experiments.
    • The data base can be downloaded directly or accessed through a Graphical User Interface

    • EGrowth logo
      Locations covered in the database

  • The database GUI

    • This database is actually submitted to Soil Biology and Biochemistry, and is available only for reviewing at the moment. Please do not use it for research before it has been approved by SBB.
    • Feel free to contact me if you are interested the database anyway.

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