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- Earthworm landscape genetics

This dataset contains the individual genotypes of

  • 440 Allolobophora chlorotica specimens obtained using 8 microsatellite markers in 14 populations
  • 519 Aporrectodea icterica specimens obtained using 7 microsatellite markers in 19 populations.

The data come from the projetct EDISP (ANR) and were collected near Yvetot, in Normandie, France.

Overview of the sampling locations :

 This dataset was used in the following publication :

Dupont L, Torres-Leguizamon M, René-Corail P, Mathieu J (2017) Landscape features impact connectivity between soil populations: a comparative study of gene flow in earthworms. Molecular Ecology 26(12): 3128–3140.

Link to the data :